Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud when implemented together, SMAC stack is form. These four technologies serve as a holistic solution for digital transformation and equip an organisation to face the challenges of the future of business. SMAC technologies are the new change agents in enterprise of IT. When implemented these technologies serve as a synergetic solution for digitally transforming an organisation to be better equipped for the future of business.

In this era of information and technology, two technologies become integral part of our lives, Mobile Phones and Social Media. Such is the power of these two, that business were forces to integrate these in their marketing and customer support strategies with the help of Analytics and Cloud. SMAC give businesses a platform to strategically execute their strategies and transform the way they operate, especially since the blend of all technologies empower companies to become quick and more innovative.

Social Technologies: Allow for the rapid sharing and creation of knowledge over social networks, which enhance collaboration and information distributing across a business. People are the most valuable asset of any organisation, and social technologies help unlock the knowledge contained in those individuals, and facilitate the dissemination of that knowledge to drive business results.

Mobile Technologies: Are continuing to evolve, reshaping the technology landscape. The growth in smart devices is bringing about an era of universal connectivity. Users are now able to access information anywhere at any time with ease. Mobility serves as the cost of entry in the consumer market, and those businesses seeking to optimize their organisations are already on board with mobile technologies.

Analytics: enhance supply chains, facilitate closed loop marketing and optimise existing customer relationship management processes. The immersive data processing power of Big Data Analytics allows companies to deconstruct new forms of data in the cloud, which generates unprecedented insight scalable to enable smart boardroom decision making in real time.

Cloud Technology: Is the keystone of the SMAC stack and it is quickly becoming the new foundation of IT ecosystem. Cloud computing lends businesses a new found activity, breaking down the barriers of geography and cutting the costs associated with physical server maintenance. With limitless scalability, the cloud powers the transformative combination of social, mobile and analytic technologies.